Mei Wu Acoustics

Experts in acoustics, noise, and vibration

Mei Wu Acoustics has been providing acoustical and vibrational consulting services since 2002. We specialize in:

  • Architectural Acoustics - Commercial buildings, Residential buildings, Industrial buildings
  • Floor Vibration Sensitive equipment used in high-tech facilities
  • Interior Acoustics Auditoriums, Teleconference Rooms, Recording Studios
  • Noise and Vibration Monitoring Wireless stations that update information in real time
  • Mechanical Noise Control Vibration and Noise Isolation Control and Guidelines
  • Environmental Noise Study and Monitoring
  • Acoustical and Vibration Simulation Modeling Techniques
  • Acoustics and Vibration Measurements
  • Noise and Vibration Problem Solving

We focus on reliable acoustical predictions and practical cost effective solutions.